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Eight easy ways you can change habits to help the planet

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Author: Jacob Anderson, Sir Peter Blake Trust. Published in NZ Herald, 2 May 2018

"By changing your habits... you can be part of the solution that puts us all on track to a world that long-term will cost us far less," says Jacob Anderson.

Here in New Zealand, we also see biodiversity and ecosystems under threat. The recent Our Land 2018 report from the Ministry for the Environment reminds us that many of our species continue to decline and we see concerns in quantity and quality of soil. As a nation that depends heavily on primary industries - agriculture, horticulture and fisheries - there is reason to be concerned. Increased flooding from sea level rise, sediment runoff, degrading soil and biodiversity loss lowers system performance. This has direct impacts on crops and stock affecting food security and our economy.

To read Jacob's full article on the NZ Herald, click the below:


Jacob is the Environmental Programme Manager at BLAKE. He manages the BLAKE Inspire and BLAKE Ambassador Programmes and is co-ordinating the science communication and outreach for the BLAKE Expedition to the Southern Ocean & Sub-Antarctic.


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