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Lab without walls gets farmers in

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Contributed by Mat Hocken

Source: Farmers Weekly, article written by Richard Rennie, 7 March 2019

Mat Hocken talks about a new approach to innovation he hopes will put farmers in the middle of the research rather than just being its recipients.

Innovation in New Zealand agriculture has often come from one of two contrasting sources. It’s been either the staunch man alone inventor in a shed somewhere or a world-first innovation born after years of research input.

The Provincial Growth Fund has provided $400,000 to support the launch of a rural innovation lab, aimed to accelerate the development and commercialisation of new ideas specifically for the farming sector. 

"Our aim is to be light and nimble, meeting up with farmers at events including the Central Districts Field Days and discussing ideas with them about what they want to see in terms of innovation that helps address some of farming’s big problems today.


Click here to read the full article written by Richard Rennie featuring his discussion with Mat Hocken, in Farmers Weekly:


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