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Learning names in different languages racist, as kids tackle mispronunciation

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Contributed by Chris Theobald, Principal of Holy Family School

Source: TVNZ Seven Sharp

The principal of a Porirua school where students are tackling mispronunciation of their names says there's racism in not bothering to learn a name in a different language.

“I believe there is racism in the New Zealand education system and that manifests itself in lots of different ways,” said Chris Theobald, Principal of Holy Family School.

“ If you have simply not bothered to learn that name because it's a language different to your own then I think that's where the racism issue comes into it,” he said.

The students are starting their campaign in the classroom, demanding teachers get name pronunciations right.


To view the full interview on TVNZ Seven Sharp, click this link:



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