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Kaupapa Maori as relevant as profit for tribal bodies

Updated: May 6, 2019

Written by Tama Potaka, senior investment adviser at NZ Superannuation Fund

Source: NZ Herald, 15 April 2015

Public reporting on large tribal and Maori corporate bodies has increased over the past decade. Major articles on the business pages reflect growing mainstream appetite to be informed about Treaty settlements, Maori investments, and general Maori business.

There is a sense that Maori corporates are natural long-term investors and partners in NZ Inc and also an excellent source of co-investment funds and security.

Increased reporting and communications, however, has not addressed the real issue for most Maori corporates - whether they are actually relevant for the people, for the tribal members or land owners who ultimately own the assets that the corporates are responsible for.

Financial results are not the only relevant measure for many tribal members and Maori land owners. Whilst potentially a source of pride, the financial statements are more topical for newspaper columnists and professional consultants to discuss over Friday night drinks.

Relevance relies more on the ability of governors/managers to connect the organisations with "their people" and deliver meaningful wealth and wellbeing opportunities for individuals and whanau members.


Click here to read the full article by Tama Potaka for the NZ Herald:



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